3 Shifts To Unblock YOUR Abundance!!

How to release the fear of "doing it right" and wondering " if you will ever be able to get manifesting to work for you!"

PLUS 💗 Money Mindset & Manifesting must-haves for your business and life so your dreams, goals, and desires become REAL!


This FREE online workshop is for you if:

  • You're SICK and tired of "going without and having "just enough money" and "just squeaking by" each month!
  • You're DONE with the cycle of getting excited about manifesting only to have it NOT work!
  • You're READY to start uncovering what's REALLY blocking you from your rightful abundance so that you can finally have what you truly desire!!!

The workshop is: Wednesday, October 18th, 2023 at 11 AM EST


  • The 3 barriers that are blocking you from your abundance so that you can stop dreaming and finally start receiving what you really want!!
  • How your body & physiology are determining your bank balance
  • What one 8-year study revealed about manifestation and the power of beliefs (this could seriously save your life!!)
  • How your thoughts and words can affect the flow of abundance in your life, and what you can do about it
  • PLUS the one word you need to remove from your vocabulary RIGHT NOW so that you can start manifesting your dreams for real!!!

Here's what past attendees have said...

💗 "I very much enjoyed your workshop, and I love how you frame the "blocks" ~ as certainly these key ingredients (for manifesting, etc) can work for or against us (depending on how aware we are of them, etc)."

💗 " Thank you so much Great Live (Workshop)You are so fun and amazing to watch and learn from xoxo"

💗 "Thank you so much, Laurie! I learned so much!"

About Your Presenter

Laurie Juszkiewicz is a 💸 Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach For Coaches! She helps coaches leverage manifestation to attract stronger "HECK YES" clients & the money to match!  

By living the process she teaches, Laurie has manifested her dream home (not once, but TWICE!), a dream family vacation to Hawaii, her dream business, amazing career opportunities, over 💸 $100,000.00 in unexpected cash income, and so much more!!

You might think that manifestation came easily for someone like Laurie, but that's not true!!

For years Laurie had a "love-hate" relationship with manifesting.

Even though she was doing everything "right",
it still wasn't working. 

Frustrated and confused, she wondered what she was missing as she watched others enjoy the abundance and ease she deeply desired for her and her family.

Laurie almost gave up on manifesting altogether...

Until she discovered the 3 things missing from ALL of the manifestation books and courses she had spent several years and thousands of dollars on.

Now, Laurie shares her wisdom in her workshops and programs so that you and your family can LIVE the results you desire quicker and easier than you even think possible, without going through years of frustration to get there.

Laurie Juszkiewicz
Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach For Coaches!