Welcome to the FIRST step to manifesting your goals!!

Learn How to Create Time & Space for YOU
Without Feeling Guilty & Unproductive!!

If you want to learn how to

  • Become MORE productive, so that you can focus less on the "mess" and more on what will help you reach your goals
  • Have MORE energy for life beyond your to-do's, so that you can finally bring more balance, peace and harmony back to your life
  • Reclaim your power over your life & schedule, so that you CAN do all the things and take care of yourself WITHOUT feeling guilty & unproductive when you take time & space for you!!

Then my free workshop is for you!!


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Meet Laurie

Laurie is a Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach who loves helping women in business become financially free and manifest the life of their dreams!!

By living the process she teaches, Laurie has manifested her dream home (TWICE!), a dream family vacation to Hawaii, amazing career opportunities, and over $150,000 in cash, plus so much more!!

And she wants to help YOU do the same.

Laurie shares her powerful mindset and manifestation processes through her Wealthy Woman Upgrade, group coaching programs, retreats, and workshops where she guides you to uncover the subconscious limiting thoughts, patterns, and beliefs that are keeping you on the hamster wheel of the same thing day in and day out so that you can manifest the time, money, and FREEDOM you crave!!


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